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Scheduler Features


  • Monthly calendar – officials set their availability
  • See all games and who the officials are
  • View your games assignments and partners
  • View all unassigned games
  • Link to mapquest for directions and maps to all locations
  • Over 100 screens to turn off or on depending on user group

Communication – Internal Messaging and/or Email

  • Scheduler has internal messaging or email option
  • Broadcast to all officials
  • Maintain email groups and group memberships for active and inactive officials
  • Notification to assignor is immediate using hotbox – internal messaging
  • System generated emails notify officials of schedule changes
  • Maintain email groups – senior or junior officials
  • Allow evaluators access to schedules
  • Broadcast to officials and game owners


  • Over 60 reports available for officials, owners, observers and assigners
  • Print official schedulers
  • Report all games for a specific period, locations and more


  • Manage message groups and group members
  • Over 100 screens to turn on or off for different user groups
  • Set global options on how your system should function
  • Manage all locations and addresses
  • Lock schedules days before game date


  • Assign officials to single or double games
  • Auto assign and match game level to official level
  • Manually assign from available list and not available list
  • Notify officials via email or internal messaging of game assignments/changes
  • Match referee level to game level


  • View schedules for any selected period
  • Filter on owners, locations and dates
  • Lock or unlock schedules from changes
  • Modify schedules as needed (e.g. change kick off time)
  • Add or delete games as needed


  • Calculate monthly payments for each referee
  • Create complete payrolls for all games in a month
  • Calculate total, seasonal referee payments
  • Add additional payments on a game-by-game basis (e.g. travel reimbursement)
  • Provide download file for integration with Banking System
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